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GCS is a name synonymous with security to most of the Pakistanis. In a country torn apart by internal terrorism, there was a dire need of technological advancement that would enable the state to curb the deteriorating security situation. In these circumstances, GCS came up with numerous security solutions that not only made the lives of millions of Pakistanis more secured but also helped the government monitor and control the law and order situation of the country in a more efficient manner. GCS is partnered with top international technology firms and bringing their services to Pakistan. GCS is also ISO-9001:2008 Certified.

Initially a city wide surveillance was designed to monitor the civic infrastructure, as Karachi was going through an era of development and there was a need that the development of roads is monitored through a centralized location, but the terrible incident of Ashura blast changed the utility of the Command Centre, as for the first time, not only we witnessed a bomb blast that was caught on camera but the aftermath carnage as well.

GCS proved that the robust system it had installed for surveillance not only survived such a massive blast but was instrumental in identifying the culprits that did all the looting and burning after the terrible incident. After this incident the Command Centre started to serve the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan in observing the city continuously 24/7/365.

Vertical integration is one term GCS is much familiar with. In 2001, the Management of GCS, which had been involved in different industries since 1989, having experience in retail, operations and customer service, started out with a full service call centre that stood out from the rest of the service providers due to its outstanding output and efficient service. In 2006, GCS operations extended to the metropolitan city of Karachi, when the call centre services were brought in.

The years of 2007 and 2008 brought along a significant change in the way GCS had operated so far. In 2007 tenders were released for providing the city of Karachi with the infrastructure to set up a watchful command & control centre. GCS won the tender on merit and successfully helped the government launch Pakistan's first and only command & control centre in the city of Karachi in the year 2008.

The spirit of vertical integration and a constant thirst for continuing development and expansion urged GCS to step into the world of software development. Non-dependence on 3rd party support, GCS utilizes its in-house resources to develop applications at par with international standards.

Why GCS is Different?

One feature that makes GCS stand apart from its contemporaries is the ability to provide its clients with absolute turnkey solutions. With GCS, the clients can rest assured that they will get their project delivered ready to execute straight away. GCS doesn't just stop there; it provides complete support after delivery.

GCS sees and defines opportunity as delivering the right kind of technology coupled with the right solution. The fact that the command & control centre is now in its 6th successful year of 24x7 operations, speaks volume of GCS's capabilities and rings true to its statements. The idea is not just to deliver the solution but also to make sure that as well as being robust system it's got to be able to stand the test of time, sustainability.

GCS is an investor in people. At GCS, we pride ourselves on our human capital that consists of highly trained and extremely professional individuals. Not only that, but we believe that by investing in our human capital, we ultimately add value to the overall strengthening of the company. We value our trained workforce that keeps coming up with innovative ideas that ultimately help sustain our projects in the long run.

Vision & Mission

GCS Vision Statement

Enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering leading edge technology that enables us to give customers sustainable integrated system

GCS Mission Statement

To Provide value added solution in compliance with industry best practices and agile techniques