Fiber Intrusion Detection

GCS Fiber Intrusion Detection system can be deployed within a wide range of industries such as transportation, utilities, industrial, commercial, military, government, correctional facilities and other. An indispensible resource to monitor and control sites with high national security priority such as:


  • Military bases
  • Government facilities
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical and power plants
  • Sea ports
  • Country borders
  • Airports
  • Gas, chemical, oil and water pipelines
  • Underground power
  • Industrial complexes
  • Nuclear installations


Some salient features:

  • Long range – up to 80km or 50 miles of sensor optical path length
  • Zoned systems delivering high end performance to the small perimeter market
  • No power or electronics in the field
  • Intrinsically safe, immune to EMI, RFI, and lightning
  • Systems that pinpoint the precise location of an intrusions